Dock the Milestone in Operation

The Motorola Milestone was one of the first smartphones launched with a smart Dock, which fava to phone some special functions. See how does the Dock of Motorola Milestone, Motorola Droid. Even being an accessory, the Dock of the Milestone has many interesting utilities for a user of the appliance.

Utilities in the Dock of the Milestone

Despite being an accessory, the Dock greatly increases the ways of use of the Milestone, and still facilitates tasks such as positioning the phone to watch movies, for example. Is a lot more comfortable than holding the device in your hands, and a lot less tiring, for passage.

Other functions and utilities from the Dock of the Milestone include transforming the device into a bedside clock and digital clock. Imagine: you watch a tv show, movie, or YouTube videos before bedtime, and still puts on the digital clock then to wake up with the phone fully charged and ready for use the next day. This video below clearly shows some functions of the appliance when it is placed in the Dock.

Other devices have already launched docks, including models that enable smart loading the wireless device. The Milestone, including intelligent dock, launched the fashion of manufacturers sell more useful accessories. For example, Nokia has created a case for his series Lumia that turns the device into a portable camera. Apple launched the magnetic cover, iPad, the dust cap that enables the user to position the Apple tablet in different angles for different uses.

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