Dry and Style Your Hair with the Diffuser

Dry your hair with the diffuser. If your hair is curly and tend to dry and Frizz, the speaker is an indispensable tool for protecting the health of the hair: it sticks to the hair and protects hair from direct heat that could ruin them. Useful for any hair type: curly, straight, treated with paint, stains, the speaker will not harm because it wipes them gently. Let’s see how best to use the diffuser on your hair to get voluminous curls and natural-looking.

All women, not just those with curly hair can use the diffuser for hair styling. The characteristic of each speaker special tips are designed to gently lift the hair at the roots and dry them well. First you must wash your hair and apply a protective balm. Choose products that fight Frizz to protect the natural shape of the curls. The ideal solution is to blow dry your hair upside down in order to get big hair. Put the speaker low/medium speed, avoiding direct hot air directly on the ends of the hair.

Before drying defined your rows, these folds, in the middle or to the side, or pull your hair back using a wide-toothed comb. Then dry your hair constantly stropic ciandoli with his hand to create and define curls. Do it until it will start to be almost dry, then don’t touch more with your hands.Let the wet drill bits, the important thing is to have the skin completely dry, so you will get some hair soft and wavy. When you have finished drying, you can pull up your hair that are bulky and well-defined and enforced a flaxseed based product or a product to give shine and softness to the hair.