Dry Your Hair Without Using The Hair Dryer

Dry your hair without using the hair dryer, beauty tips to follow to have perfect hair and silky without having to use the hair dryer, real instrument of torture during the summer!

Dry your hair, especially with the heat and the heat, is a kind of torture for many women with long hair. Let them dry out freely in the Sun, while also achieving the beautiful natural beach waves, is certainly not the solution, but it must be followed small indications not to find himself leading a shapeless nest and Frizz. Let’s see How to blow dry your hair without blow dryer and have soft hair and tidy.

The cut

Stylists advise to keep longer hair during the summer because their natural weight will prevent them from becoming frizzy. Opt for a long cut but climbed will allow you, therefore, to play with the hairstyles and of not having to still use the hairdryer.

The after shampoo

First, blot hair thoroughly to remove all excess water; take a few minutes and you will see how the hair will be already more drier according to this article. Comb hair thoroughly, and avoid creating nodes; to do this, always start from the bottom, by dissolving the knots on the ends, and then resume from the root. At this point, apply a hair styling product based on the structure of your hair: curly, wavy, straight or purpose. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, apply a product that is specifically designed for drying without heat (on the market there are many). If, instead, you have very slick and fine hair, use styling products but opt for natural nourishing oils such as argan, to be applied only on the tips. Do not use products that give volume, are designed to be used with the heat of the dryer without dryer would get just a little heavy and glossy foliage. Now, wait for the hair to dry and do not touch them more, you might just ruin the work! When the hair is completely dry, you can feed them by applying the product again that you have used when they were still wet.