How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

With all the wonderful options we have at our disposal, choose a pair of costume jewelry can be a bit overwhelming. When choosing a style of earring or earring, you should keep in mind to go with your own style and activities and costumes that you usually take, but especially, you must take into account the type of accessory to enhance your features and that really suits you well. To help you pick the earring that you better go, we have compiled some rules to take into account.

The main rule, just that in the case of the glasses is to take into account the shape of your face. Rounded, angular, elongated faces: all are your ideal choice.

1. Round face

The rule is to choose earrings whose length is greater than its width, so long the pendant or earrings will always be the first option. Earrings with square or geometrical shapes are also recommended. Unfortunately, small earrings being fashionable this autumn, are not the best choice to enhance the traits of people with round face. There are also incredible designs that will help stretch their factions.

2. Long face

Contrary to people’s round face, those that have elongated face, must find earrings that help make the face look shorter. For this reason, they must choose those arts which are wider than long. The most recommended is that they aren’t very long earrings, or very small earrings that let stand the length of the face. Rings, large or guys, circles, and short earrings, are the most recommended forms.

3. Oval face

Oval faces are the most privileged because they look good with almost any type of eartag, provided, the person wearing them has in mind the proportions. Consider the shape of the face is a key point when choosing a model larger or smaller within a specific category of earrings or earrings. With this in mind, the oval face girls may choose freely between earrings small or large, simple or with Rhinestones, short or long, of all sizes, flush mount, geometric, etc.

4. Square face

Broad forehead and powerful jaw define the square faces, by what should choose pending to help soften the lines of the face, giving it a slightly more delicate and feminine appearance. It is recommended to avoid slopes with square or rectangular shapes such as the art deco style, or those who have any angle acute in its design since it will only highlight the square lines of your face. Choose earrings with curves and delicate lines. The soft chandelier can also be very suitable jewels.

5. Heart-shaped face

Heart shaped faces are those with a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and Chin small and narrow. As in the rest of the cases that we saw earlier, the idea is to use earrings to balance, in addition to make it a beautiful ornament. In this case we must achieve balance the size of the front with the size of the Chin, triangular-shaped earrings are therefore the least recommended, unless it’s an inverted triangle (with the tip pointing up). The pendant and Teardrop Earrings are ideal for this type of face. We must prevent at all costs earrings ending at tip since they only accentuated the difference in proportions between the Chin and forehead.

6. General aspects

The general idea is to use fashion jewellery not only as a complement to the clothing you wear on a particular occasion, but they also constitute a tool to highlight or masking features. The earrings are some of the great favorite of the girls and most of us have used them since the birth, so know the designs that suit best our faces is something very important.

The variety of designs expands each season and more importantly, that a stream of design so definitive that it eradicated the style of earrings. Fashions change, but it is certain that in every season and every collection we will find that piece that just sit on our face.