Elegant Sports Shoes

Although the outside it looks rather spring shoes, do not over do have a proper winter boots that you can take it anywhere. Forget the high-heeled boots, they fit into the urban jungle, but fitted with the what, when you go on a weekend at the cottage?

Boots without heel

One possibility is, of course, boots, having a flat sole. They are versatile in that they make the right choice is you can take a jacket and a skirt, but do not look bad, even if you take them to the mountains.

You can choose riding style high boots, but these have a slight heel. The second option suede boots with fur.

hiking boots

If you love sports style, so in your closet are certainly boots. You are like the tires on a mountain, for practical reasons, of course, the best. The problem is that I do not look so aesthetically on the leg. They have many functional properties and protect you even when great weather.


And finally we come to snowboots, they are a compromise between the boots and hiking boots. Mostly they retain something of both. They are high, so you do not have snowboots snow and they have lacing .

However, this is mostly broken and used just for show. Or than it was a classic lace and a shoe downloading a leg portion that will not free.

Selecting snowboots

Snow traditional color is white, but the problem then arises with the larger dirt and too frequent cleaning. Therefore it is best to choose snowboots well washable materials or choose a different color.

When you select snowboots well, so feel free to dress as well as skirts and not look bad.

Do you have snow boots in your shoe rack? If not, never mind. The snow is just not yet come. Additionally, you now have a great opportunity to shop in the post-Christmas discounts and save a lot of money.