Engagement Rings – Jewelery for Eternity

An engagement ring symbolizes eternal love and a desire to live together forever. The choice of a suitable engagement ring for the lover should therefore be well considered . Sparkling diamonds, sparkling gemstones or sparkling pearls? Gold, silver or platinum? As a matter of principle, the main thing is that the ring is fancy and comes from the heart – whether it is a noble diamond ring, a simple classic or a romantic design in an antique look.

However, classic engagement rings have one or more diamonds and are made of gold, white gold or platinum. At our site of intershippingrates.com you will find a large selection of modern and timelessly elegant engagement rings. Here you can get inspiration and order your favorites stress-free and comfortably at home.

When buying diamonds, you should consider the following four quality criteria – the so-called 4 Cs – “Cut”, “Carat”, “Color” and “Clarity”. The first step is to determine the cut – the shape of the diamond. Round, oval, emerald, drop, our site or princess-shaped (square)? Attention: diamond ring is not the same as diamond ring! Brilliant grinding means that the diamond has been rounded and has at least 56 facets – even today the timelessly popular classic among the engagement rings.

After the shaping, the size is chosen. This is measured by means of the carat weight – one carat equals 0.20 grams. However, carat is not carat, only in connection with a nice cut, purity and color the diamond is particularly high quality.

If you want a classic engagement ring, you should opt for a colorless diamond. The white light can penetrate the stone so effortlessly and re-emanate in the “fire” – in all rainbow colors. Meanwhile, however, many color nuances from yellow to pink to blue are also announced.

Finally, the purity over the quality of the ring decides. Many diamonds have small inclusions, which influence the refraction – and thus the price. The less inclusions, the more expensive the diamond. A “lupenreiner” engagement ring does not show any inclusions even with a magnification of ten with a diamond magnifying glass.

In addition to diamond rings, engagement rings filled with gemstones or pearls are now also very popular. Gemstones can be selected, for example, as “birthmarks” – these symbolize the month of birth of the bride – from garnet for January over ruby ​​for July to turquoise for December is the matching stone for the respective day. Pearls, on the other hand, are particularly classy and feminine – they clearly underline female beauty. Her strong symbolic power also makes her highly sought-after: In Christianity, the pearl stands for purity and love for God. In Japan they are associated with happiness and the Arab-Islamic culture is a pearl perfection.