Essential Items for Bicycle Touring

With the passing of the years and miles, and while enjoying and improving your physical and emotional health, many amateur cyclists have been learning things that are basic to their outputs cyclists and which others do not. Here are some completely personal views on the essential equipment for a cyclist who mainly practice their sport on road. As it has been said, they are simple bicycle user reviews, dictated by experience and no scientific or extrapolated to other riders. What do you think? What are your dispensable and indispensable Add-ons?

You always buy any item that, in the end, you will end up by not using

This sentence serves as any other sport or activity. For example, there is an article that is fundamental to many riders and of which, however, that is this party rarely carries in their cycling Getaways: gloves. I have tested several models, both in its summer version (light, with your fingers in the air and thickly padded by Palm) as in his designs of winter (lined synthetic fabric not to let pass water, or wool, or removable depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions), and I have come to the conclusion that to me annoy me more than me benefit.

Summer gloves just hurting me at the joint between the fingers; Winter give too much heat and only the use if I roll in a very cold environment.

As for the grip the handlebars and comfort and impact absorption, a good tape coiled to handle may be sufficient; There are even who placed two, in case of rolling over more irregular than conventional asphalt surfaces.

Basic garments that are not even for cyclists

Or at least they are not specifically. For example, the thermal underwear t-shirts synthetic fibres, which are used both for sports winter how to play football, run or for everyday life, you will draw more than one trouble in case you’ve forgotten cycling jacket for cold days. Retain extremely well the heat while you do effort (pedaling, in this case), and it is very cheap in any store. It is true that they also make them specifically for cycling, better cut and adapted to the position of the pedalista, but the more normal serve perfectly.

Minimal gestures that are grateful the next day

There are a number of gestures that should become ritual for those who practice cycling with some regularity. Sometimes it is hard to carry them out, especially after a hard output that one just wants to get to the couch and remember the good moments spent on the bike, but on the following day cyclist are welcome. For example, through a cloth box, brakes, pedals, change… to remove dirt more ‘fat’ collected during the day. Think that when you get to catch bike that dirt will still be there, but probably toughened and more difficult to remove. In the case of road bikes, it is not necessary to make them a complete wash whenever they are used, but a minimum care is highly recommended.

Other small gestures that should be made are put the helmet in a place in which evaporates sweat accumulated in pads that hold it to the head, or wash with the rest of the clothes. In short, it is easy to guess the feeling of wear the helmet the next day and find them still thick… Similarly it is well shake the shoes and wash the bottle of water.

Finally, a tip: If programs a long route, especially if it forces you to get up early, leave everything ready the night before: check the pressure of the wheels and the brake performance, organizes your clothes and things that you want to carry with you and take a look at the maps, because doing it first thing in the morning only get out later and angry.