Even AOL Launched an Alternative to Google Reader

AOL, one of the CDs with 750 hours of free Internet is also taking advantage of the death of Reader users to conquer. The company began releasing today in beta and by invitation, an RSS reader with the suggestive name AOL Reader.

There are many features in this first: you can import your feeds in OPML or manually add them (no easy migration from Google Reader) and then read them only in responsive web interface, which adapts the screens of smartphones and tablets. You can mark items with star and view them in different ways, including in grid or list.

In the future, AOL plans to release native applications for iOS and Android, tool search, integration with third-party services and notifications. There will be up to articles sharing feature among users of AOL Reader, a kind of mini social network that existed in Google Reader and it was really helpful.

AOL Reader has an open API and documented, which will allow the creation of compatible applications with it. The interface closely resembles Google Reader and Feedly, so you will not have adjustment problems. And according to The Verge, the AOL Reader is “amazingly fast” and supports hotkeys. So he has a chance to succeed.

To test the AOL Reader, simply subscribe to the service page and wait for the invitation.