Evening Makeup With Kiko Wanderlust

Are you looking for a beautiful make-up and bright inspire you? Follow our makeup makeup tutorial for more elegant evening: we are certain that there ‘ll love!


The evening makeup that we propose in this tutorial begins with a classical base make up cut crease with neutral colors and lights of beautiful multicolored reflections thanks to the application of sparkling glitter.

To make the evening makeup you see we have used only products makeup Kiko Milano, and in particular many pieces of exclusive design make-up collection Kiko Wanderlust 2016 Summer. Wonderlust is the first collection of the Milan cosmetics company created in collaboration with a famous artist, Ross Lovegrove, a designer defined as “the visionary author of the new modern aesthetic.”

Do you want to find out how you created the look and what are the details of the Kiko products used to debug it? Watch the video!



Our elegant trick is very intense and captivating, yet it maintains a cool, chic look, that does not weigh the eye. Often when we create makeup evening we tend to overdo it with dark colors or massive product applications.

The secret of this make-up is in delicate shades and in ‘light application of each product, which is spread sparingly to create gradients from the beautiful effect.


The eye makeup is the nice trick focus today. To create it, after applying a good primer for eye shadow of course, we take care of the eye’s shape. In fact, let’s define a border with a soft black pencil (will do a kajal) blending the product well with a brush precision flat outer corner, creating a V that will act as a guideline for our eyeliner, facilitating the application, and in the crease.

This technique takes the trick cut crease and also the make-up pencil technique, therefore, highly successful styles in the world of professional make-up which all can inspire.

After slightly illuminated the eyebrows with a matte cream eyeshadow let’s illuminate the inner corner of the eye with a brush extending the clearest part of the Pencil Double eye shadow Kiko In The Shade Eyeshadow and Kajal 05.

By taking some product from another duo Kiko, a beautiful dove gray satin, let’s fill the eyelid, creating a delicate shade. To emphasize the most of us look then serve a matte brown eyeshadow Kiko: The sfumiamo accurately with a small flat brush spreading it on the silhouette of the previously applied black pencil.

To intensify the effect of the make-up and give a look more sexy stretch it in the inner rim of the eye satin gray color Pencil duo previously applied. This kind of product is very attractive because it is multifunctional: it can be used as kajal, as well as eye shadow, eye pencil or eyeliner.

Taking then with a special brush a bit of liquid eyeliner, let’s apply it to root of the lashes, sfumandolo slightly at the outer corner, to make the trick beautiful evening even more smoky and particular.

The twist of this make-up? The glitter! To give a unique effect to a make-up we can in fact go to light the eyelid with an eyeliner glitter. Compared with glitter ‘free’ eyeliner is great because we do not need additional primer, but we can apply the product directly with the brush, layering until you get the desired result. In this way to avoid product fallout, the fall of glitter on the face, which may destroy the makeup.

But if for you the effect of glitter on the entire upper eyelid is too intense you can choose to just lay them in the inner corner, or on the upper lash line, overlapping all’eyeliner or even on the lower outer lash line for a novel effect.

To complete the make up elegant evening then we apply plenty of mascara. In this case we served the spectacular Kiko Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara.


To create the face makeup instead we used a liquid foundation and we have secured with a face powder, applied with the beautiful kabuki brush of Kiko Wanderlust collection.

Apply foundation and powder after creating eye makeup There is useful because it allows you to’clean up’ the make-up making it even more beautiful and precise.

In particular for this make-up we used Sunshine DD Cream SPF 30 Kiko, a light base and face smoothing, perfect for the summer.

Then we heat the complexion with design bronzer Kiko Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer, a bright terracotta whose work recalls the rolling dunes of the desert.

For a healthy glow effect on the cheeks then we apply the beautiful Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush Kiko, mixing the three shades in it.
Because we love shine in summer could not miss a touch of illuminating. In particular, in the video you see the wonderful work Kiko Desert Moon Highlighter. EVENING MAKE-UP: THE MAKE UP LIPS
We often think that in a major eye make-up is necessary necessarily match a nude lipstick. This rule is certainly to be considered but should not be followed to the letter. The right make-up lipsis in fact what we like the most and makes us feel at ease. In addition, often an intense match lipstick to an intense eye makeup is a good choice because the look is characterized and valued the most, creating the right balance.

To do this in our beautiful stylish makeup we applied two different lipstick collection Kiko Wanderlust.

Because this fragrance is special? Because it has a sleek design, very refined and features fresh notes of the chord coupled with female moss and freesia.

Sometimes we do not think, but the scent can make really a difference when we create a look for a special occasion! You do not find?

And here all the products of the line Kiko Wanderlust used for makeup. They feature a wonderful design!

I enjoy the evening makeup that you have seen in our video tutorial? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!


If you like the products I used, you can find them on Kiko website THIS PAGE. Keep in mind that it is a collection in  limited edition , so it will be available only for the summer. In different food stores are sold out, but on the site are all still!