Exhibition: History of Underwear

Hamster from the fashion tip Plauen/Frieda & Elly attended an exhibition, which is engaged in a close and highly fashionable branch of fashion: lingerie and underwear. She tells them how it was.

Tip–the seductive touch of a little more than nothing-is a real Evergreen when it comes to lingerie. Therefore, it is of course close that we visit the current special exhibition on Castle Voigt mountain in the Vogtland Oelsnitz, which deals with the history of Corsetry.

In the rooms of the old Castle, is dedicated to a piece of Saxon industrial history and the now 150th anniversary of the company Moritz Hendel the exhibition ‘up close&hochmodisch’&sons.

The exhibition shows a large cross-section of Corsetry production in Saxony. There are old corsets, lots of ornate Suspender belt and BRA-on the way, the first patent in 1899 went Christine Hardt at the Dresdnerin.

The lovingly decorated exhibition by historical advertising, whether printed or supplemented as commercial, and advertising figures.And what particularly pleases me, are the many preserved original packaging.Historic machines also give an insight into the production processes of earlier years.

According to elaineqho.com, the exhibition offers a lively look at the history of underwear production. And you have to admire a lot of not only, but too much to read. Immerse the inclined visitors in the history of the company Moritz Hendel & Söhne in informative texts. The oelsnitzer company was founded in 1865 and formed the basis of the Saxon corset industry. Based on the company’s history, the development of the textile industry in Saxony and Germany is also traced.

But the visitor learns too much about the Corsetry in itself.They are not only fashion accessory, but at the same time the expression of current culture and reflect the change of society and the spirit of the times, as for example the open, emancipated time of the 20 was years in for the tight corset only little space. Or the times of shortage of raw materials during the second world war-where even the underwear times from old napkin or scouring pad (Yes, read: scouring pad) had to occur. So, the bra is not just a piece of fabric with a wire, but also at the same time a piece of world history.

Wonderful vividly describes the steps of the creation of a series of underwear–from the original sketches the many steps until the items make up a bra, can be individually traced.

Among the many original exhibits also a bra by Marlene is Dietrich and a corset by Marika Rökk-admittedly would have I something more glamorous presented both me. But of which you can see for yourself.

The very rewarding exhibition can be seen until October 25, 2015 in Oelsnitz:

Castle Voigstberg

Castle Street 32, 08606 Oelsnitz/Vogtl.

Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 – 17.00