Extra Lace Hole in Sneakers

What are the extra holes in Chuck’s and sneakers? The solution of the cord hole puzzle!

For years, we asked ourselves what the additional hole for shoelaces on sneakers is actually good, it made so much sense. The resolution is there in the video…

Have you also again asked what the additional lace hole next to the top hole in the shoe to be actually good? Have we bound up so far always wrong our sneakers and sports shoes? Can that be? You will be surprised what actually has the unassuming little hole for a clever function. After read this post from transporthint.com, you will engage to your sneaker certainly differently.

As you may have guessed, the small hole from depressions or just for fun in the shoe’s been punched. Indeed, the shoe lace hole has an interesting feature. Because: properly laced, it acts as a kind of lock and should protect the foot from sliding in the shoe. Bubbles are to prevent and the shoe sits in sporting activity precisely at the foot.

Thereby, the right cord technology is important to set up the “slip lock” for the shoe.

Here is the step by step tutorial:

  • As usual, thread the laces in the sneaker.
  • Use the extra hole above, to create a loop by using the laces from the top of the hole and a little pull up just the loop is created.
  • Do this on both sides of the shoe.
  • Now you have right and left each a loop.
  • Now cross the ends of the laces and lead them through the respective opposite loop.
  • Now pull the shoelace ends firmly down.Thus is created the lock.
  • Now completely normal as always bind to the shoe – now he’s bombproof.