Eye Makeup Trends Winter

Eye makeup Trends winter 2015, the golden rule for a deep look and well delineated and the cat eye make up. To achieve it it takes very few products but a certain dexterity. All the tips to make a make up a cat can be found in this article.

Eye Makeup Trends Winter

This year make up a cat, as well as define the uninitiated, will undoubtedly be one of the hottest beauty trends, seasonal suggestions, as always, come directly from the runways, where together with wonderful collections of dresses parading also what will be the trends in make up and hair. Today we want to show you some beauty catwalk that with a bit of sobriety you can wear for a day look simple, sophisticated and ladylike.

How to make a cat eye makeup eye

The cat eye makeup l or can be done in a myriad of ways by pointing from time to time on a different aspect in relation to the occasion and outfit that you choose and that’ll wear your eye makeup retro aftertaste. We must undoubtedly rely on black pencil eyeliner, and mascara, products must have needed to create a cat eye makeup. Even the eye shadow you will need to select it and apply it with care, as it is one of the key products that allows us to stretch the look. Unfortunately, however, having to work with pencil and eyeliner, you need a certain handedness because the lines should be drawn cleanly and accurately, with the aim of preventing any smear.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with eyeliner we advise you to use a pen, that certainly draws lines tend to be coarser but could prove particularly effective if you have never used this type of product. Alternatively, if you have just the classic liquid eyeliner with the thin brush, try to draw a straight line and clear with a mattia for eyes and then go over it with your eyeliner, starting at the lash line, and starting from the inner corner of the eye and extend yourself to the outside of the eye.

At the end of the trick with a dark eye shadow and a small brush, or alternatively with a pencil, do not forget to enhance and emphasize the eyebrows. You’re looking for inspiration? Please take a look at the gallery (http://www.carswers.com/2016/04/11/makeup-for-the-day-to-day/) to see the most glamorous eye makeup of indeed 2015.