How to Use Eyeshadow Primer

The quality of the eyeshadow is important to stop this throughout the day. Also the primer is essential for long-lasting durability on the eyelids. Therefore it is recommended to use so-called eyeshadow base or eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow base ensures that the eyeshadow remains and acts where it was placed after hours looks as if it had just been applied. Especially for contact lens wearers, eyeshadow base is a super way to avoid the eyeshadow smudging. Some of eye shadow base also have a nourishing or anti aging effect. In the bridgat here a large number of different eye shadow bases are offered.

Eyeshadow Primer How to Use


Correctly apply eyeshadow base

The eyeshadow primer should be thinly applied carefully before applying makeup to the movable, fat-free eyelid. Gently apply the eyeshadow base. The base should be completely dried before applying the eyeshadow. An eyeshadow base not only improves the durability of the eyeshadow, it also intensifies the color. The shade of the eyelid is neutralized and the eye shadow gains color strength. Tip: if you have no eye shadow base on hand, you can use a concealer, too. Find a large selection of eyeshadow base from popular brands in online shop!