Facebook Changes Algorithm to Prioritize Content People Instead of Pages

In an announcement published on the afternoon of Tuesday (21), Facebook confirmed indirectly that many people had already been noticed in recent days: the Feed Service News now gives more prominence to users of publications than content promoted by fan pages.

The company justifies these recent changes on the grounds that people perform much more actions in the social network (comment, like or share) for updates made ​​by your contacts. Logic, therefore, is that this type of content should be prioritized.

While not mention this point, this explanation can be interpreted as a response to the “accusation” that the company reduced the range of fan pages to convince administrators of these pages to pay to promote your content.

In a statement, Facebook says still working on the ranking algorithms of both types of content to allow a “harmonious coexistence” between them, but has warned that the fan pages administrators may notice a decrease in the distribution of its updates, especially in status text.

Facebook explains, however, that administrators may notice an increase in range of other types of content, such as accompanied posts links and photos or even videos. To this end, the company itself recommends the use of link sharing tool, which displays itself a description accompanied by an image content.

If the post has only text and link, as shown in the example below, the engagement will be less.

It may be that this is, after all, a company’s move to increase its revenue from the sale paid publications, but the fact is that Facebook is even dealing with particular attention the aspect of the content.

The latest ads are clear evidence: the end of 2013, algorithmic changes were implemented to prioritize news at the expense of memes; last week, the company acquired a sharing platform content, and has promised to brief the provision of “trending topics”.