Facebook launches Suicide Prevention Tool

The Facebook wants to help prevent suicide in Brazil. In partnership with the Recovery Center of Life (CVV), an institution that offers emotional support for people who are inneed of help, the social network launched on Tuesday (14) a tool that allows users toissue warning signals when they realize that a friend published a content with atendency to suicide.

It is a very important tool, considering that suicide kills more than HIV in the world, with one death every 40 seconds, according to WHO data. In Brazil, the eighth country with the highest rate in the world, one suicide occurs every 45 minutes – is 6 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The idea is that the publications of users to help friends realize that there is someone with suicidal tendencies. “Post something like ‘any day I juice’, for example, is a super alarm signal,” said Carlos Correia, volunteer CVV from 1992 to G1.

If you notice that this happened, report publication and enter “I think you should not be on Facebook”> “Show more options”> “shows someone getting hurt or planning to hurt.” You can offer help, talk to someone you trust, find out how to proceed or send the publication to be considered by Facebook.

With the publication reported, the picture below will appear to the person who had troubling behaviors. The social network facilitates contact with CVV and gives hints of what to do to feel better.

It is an interesting action because many people expressed their feelings (even negative) in social networks, and a user note repeated posts coming from someone suffering can prevent something worse from happening. “Experts say that suicide can be prevented in 90% of situations,” said Correia.

Not to mention that the suicide rate in the world by age in low-income countries is alarmingly higher among young people. In 2012, according to WHO data, about 90,000 suicides occurred in young people in their 20s, compared with 10 000 in developed countries (which have their highest rate at age 50). As this audience usually less filter what goes into the social network, is an action that must have a certain efficiency.

The social network will also offer advertising free for the CVV to recruit more volunteers, balancing the increased demand for care with the launch of the tool. CVV also offers help at the number 141, as well as specific local phones for each region and by Skype.