Facebook Safety Check-Let Mom Know That You’re Okay

A new feature in Facebook allows you to easily tell your loved ones on the page that you are unharmed, if you are close to a disaster.

One’s brother or sister is on vacation in Thailand, where in the news you see that there has been a major earthquake. We will be concerned, and so you go on Facebook, you can see whether the sister or brother is unharmed.

This is essentially what Facebook introduces with Facebook Safety Check. With the feature turned on, record Facebook your position, and there has been a dramatic event in the style of a natural disaster, so ask Facebook, whether one is okay.

Corresponds to that one is okay, it will show up in your feed, that you feel fine, so mum and Dad at home can quickly see that they don’t have to worry you can also select its friends, it is with that okay, if they cannot get to it.

The idea for the feature came from the Japanese Facebook team that 2011 built after the earthquake in a special Disaster Message Board, so we could communicate quickly after the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

This function is for both Android, iOS, feature phones and the computer version. Below is a demonstration of how Facebook Safety Check works.