Facebook Sends out App for Windows 8-Still No for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users have no official Facebook app, but Facebook Inc. has now released app for Windows 8.

On the Windows Phone platform is now over 175,000 applications available, but it still squints system, with having official big important apps represented.Microsoft must instead themselves pulling the working vehicle.

An example is Facebook. Microsoft has created their own Facebook application for Windows Phone, but no matter how skillfully and fine it is made, there is still not an official app from Facebook Inc.

Microsoft’s version is itself into the list, along with piles of others who also call themselves “Facebook”-even with the official logo, without being “Facebook”.

Although it should be expected that a huge company like Facebook could over come to develop an official application for Windows Phone, it is still not done.

What’s interesting is that Facebook Inc. now has released an application for Windows 8 (on your computer), even optimized for use on the touch screen. Neither this approach or what the plans are on Windows Phone, Facebook has announced something about in their official nyhedsrum.

Microsoft has in connection with the presentation of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 made much out of that tell how easily developers can write programs that work in both places, which we can only hope that Facebook will have an eye on.