Facebook Shows Good Economy and Ideas for the Future

Mark Zuckerberg is probably a happy man for Facebook can report on a nice profit in last quarter.

Things are going pretty well for Facebook, there is no way around it. Founder Mark Zuckerberg could tell that in the third quarter of this year, Facebook served 3.2 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 18.7 billion Danish kroner. This has resulted in a surplus of 802 million dollars-so 4.68 billion Danish kroner, down in the Pocket to Facebook.

Facebook’s accounts could also report about 1.35 billion users who are active at least once a month. It corresponds to barely one in five living human on the planet.

The future is multiple apps

Mark Zuckerberg could also tell that in the future, Facebook probably come to consist of several apps.

“One thing that happens in the mobile area, is that there is an increasing focus on apps that can do one thing well. Therefore, it is necessary to have several stand-alone apps. We will do more of in the future, “said Zuckerberg.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for a staggering amount, but the app still exists – exactly like Zuckerberg describes here. Facebook also fragmented message portion from hovedappen under a great deal of controversy earlier this year.