Facebook Wants to Stop Displaying Many Old Posts to Your News Feed

The Facebook understood that the news feed is not as efficient to display, uh, news, and announced it is making changes in the algorithm to favor more recent publications. The idea is to highlight posts that are important only at a specific time, such as when you and your friend say about a program that is on TV, for example.

To find out which posts are relevant or not after a while, Facebook’s algorithm will mainly consider the timing of interactions.

It works like this: if a post is published on Facebook and a lot of people immediately enjoy, comment or share the publication, but a very small number do it a few hours later, it probably means that the post was interesting at the time it was published but will not be at a later date. Thus, it is unlikely that Facebook again display it later.

The social network also will consider the hot issues to sort the posts in the news feed. If a friend or a page post a message about something being quite commented at the time, the post should appear at the top of the page. Facebook says that with the amendment, saw an increase of 6% in the interaction of users with posts.

The changes are being made gradually. Facebook says that page owners should not feel a big difference in the distribution of posts.