Facebook Will Be Faster on iOS

Maybe you’ve noticed it, but the news on Facebook has been faster on your iPhone or iPad.

The Facebook programmers has created a little about in the engine room on their app for iOS, and it has borne fruit. Facebook’s app for Apple devices is quite rightly been faster-actually 50 percent faster, according to Facebook itself.

The faster the news flow on iOS comes due to the way the app store data. Every time Facebook added new features to the app, so put it more pressure on a process that was not geared for it.

Now the app stores data in a different way and can work more efficiently. It has therefore given really fine results, and it should delight many of the around 1.3 million people on Facebook in Denmark.

Efficiency is also part of what Facebook will focus on in the future, where we can look forward to several separate apps from Mark Zuckerbergs network.