Facial Yoga, Gymnastics for a More Youthful Appearance

Yoga for your face? Here’s the facial gymnastics to look younger! Yoga for the face is an innovative technique that is based on 5 principles, the same as the classical yoga. Facial gymnastics aims in a natural way to relieve tension and facial muscles really appreciable results. Thanks to specific and targeted exercises, the signs of aging are reduced or clear and facials buy tonicity and elasticity without resorting to cosmetic surgery!

The yotox is one of the most unique amongst the yoga techniques that seem to work really: this technique is used to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, bringing greater oxygenation of tissues and a consequent elimination of toxins. The final result is a brighter-looking face, young and healthy. The facial exercises should be practiced for a few minutes per day and with a certain constancy, but let us look at some things to do!

Exercise for the eye: squint, press the index firmly onto the zone must form the classic chicken feet, raising and lowering twenty times blink quickly. The exercise should be repeated at least once a day.

Exercise for wrinkles of the forehead: starting from the forehead, raise the eyebrows and wide-open eyes. With your fingertips, take a slight pressure on the temples. Alternating movements, they relax and stretch the muscles of the forehead, firming the area. Repeat the exercise for 30 times, quickly.

Exercise for lips: place the mouth in the Palm of your hand and kiss it for 3 times, never without loosening the pressure. This movement tightens her lips and makes them compact and firm.

Exercise to harmonize the lineaments: place your hands on your face and with little movements go up towards the ears. The duration must not exceed 3-4 seconds and then without taking your hand, continue touching the hair until you reach the tip of the hair. Repeat this exercise for 3 times each day.

Anyway, if you want to work out with other exercises, you can buy the books covering the subject.Many, in fact, are the books that explain step by step all yoga exercises for the face!