Fashion Clothes Autumn

For all the fashion houses presented their collections to the public, and it announced that outerwear autumn-winter 2016-2017, stylish. To understand more fashion trends of the season is coming to be regarded as major trends closely.

Fashion Clothes Autumn

What should be wear fall-winter 2016-2017 year?

All those trendy new items autumn and winter will probably surprise you, but also inspire his unique style of winter.

Trend №1 – fur coats and fur products

Thus, one of the main trends in autumn and winter are things with fur. Luxury coat – her wardrobe is an element that adorns a woman more than a dozen years. Fashion clothes autumn-winter 2016-2017 years will certainly help to emphasize the richness and sense of style. For the very adventurous nature of some famous designers present their programs and dresses with fur.

Trend №2 – leather jackets and raincoats
The leather jacket can save for a rainy autumn weather. With it you can create a stylish image. You agree gorgeous coat to wear in the slush completely inappropriate. It is worth mentioning that leather jackets in the rock went by the wayside, giving way to classical kroyam. The average length jacket valued at more than short. Such outerwear autumn-winter 2016-2017 years is extremely important, and it seems that fashion it will take more than one year. Here, for example, a leather trench coat is the perfect complement to the business image.

Trend №3 – pea coat jacket
Military style is still relevant, because in many fashion collections presented again pea coat jacket. If you are tall and slim, it’s a great choice of clothing on the floor. Universal absolutely all women have a shorter coat pattern.

Trend №4 – down everyday, parks and jackets
Ironically, popular already consecutive periods remain comfortable and warm parks and down. Such outerwear 2016-2017 years, especially if the winter is fierce, becomes simply indispensable in everyday life. But there is one thing: it is desirable that the collar or cuffs were fur inserts.
After these fashion trends, you’ll always look stylish and perfectly in all weather conditions.