Fashion Tips for Plus Size Ladies

If your measurements are not in default, stay calm. Learn how to enhance the best shot, after all all women have qualities that deserve to be highlighted. Before any thing, regardless if you are above or below your ideal weight, you need to take and love you the way you are not only the fashion industry, but also the media, induce people to stay with a body based, as most people, but that’s not the reality. Believe me, pretty woman is healthy woman.

Their extra pounds really bother you? If the answer is Yes, then search for the your happiness, don’t stay at home crying because you’re overweight, no miracle will appear if you stay only complaining of life.

Gyms, dance classes, healthy eating regimes, all help and the person lose a few extra pounds. Funny thing is that when a woman is overweight she not going after eating well and playing sports, on the contrary, is crying and complaining that no wardrobe clothes are serving.

Simple tips for Fatties

You’re a sweetie, can choose certain parts with just a few simple tips. According to, the fashion nowadays already offers many brands for women with special sizes, also known as plus size clothes. The big question is no longer use tight clothes, but, knowing not to balance emphasize or highlight what you want to disguise or hide.

Parts with straight cuts both in dresses, like pants and skirts are excellent suggestions to help elongate the silhouette and achieve a more clean effect in your visual. Clothes with this Court not hide and not emphasize the chubbiness, moreover, leaves his wife with a more elegant and charming. Learn to value the strengths, this is the main secret of the fatties in time to get dressed. If you like, enjoy to show your lap with necklines like the neckline Princess style and the “V”. They value the female lap just right and even tune the waist.

Prints and transparencies are also permitted even if you’re overweight, the rules are the same for any woman, that is, less is more. So, let the arms and the neck appearing transparent parts. If your clothes show too much watch because it can end up leaving the visual too vulgar.

We all know that in the beginning it is very difficult to adapt, it is normal to suffer at first, after you pick up the pace.

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Overweight women should invest in clothes with dark shades and prints great but that doesn’t mean that the fatties cannot use colorful clothing, of course they can. However, preferably to plain clothes, without much detail or with prints girls. As for the striped clothes, preferably opt for vertical stripes. The bodies can be excellent choices for use under another shirt, because shape the body, besides leaving the modern look with an overlay.

Avoid shirts with very bright, like the lurex, and if the breast is too big, choose blouses with square necklines. Already the dresses must have straight cuts and the fabric cannot be very light, as Jersey, for example, prefer structured fabrics and thick. The length of the skirt should be on the knees, if you have thick legs. Pants waist cut with normal waist, or low and not too high. As for the choice of platform shoes, or shoes that make the instep free.

A good option for the fatties lose some measures using the sets to your favor is to opt for the blazers with greater length, hip-length, for example. Place without button on his shirt. In the battle to cover the belly, try to avoid the belts, because they share the silhouette, in addition to tightening the waist and draw attention to this area of the body.

Clothes that the fatties must avoid

Avoid wearing belts, banners, draped clothes, short skirts and pants with details like pockets, cargo pants with bulky buttons. Fatties must avoid using very long pipe boots, because they can create the illusion of the legs appear even more coarse, besides mentioning the potato of the leg, prefer boot models with the barrel down to let the leg free and create an illusion of more elongated body.

Blouses also known as “beat” stamped or chickpeas with volume should be avoided so as not to add more volume to the body, as well as the skirts rounds with tight elastic at the waist. The rule is to avoid all the pieces of clothing that have volume and ruffles. The tip for the lingerie is not wearing bras and panties too tight and pasted in the body because it can cause horrible marks and be visible for a long time. Choosing lingerie that offer a good anatomical support for the breasts. Hot pants with waist high and pantyhose can also be great allies in this battle to hide the prominent belly.

Avoid using too short sweaters with leggings, leggings should only be used with longer blouses or dresses, because when used with short blouses they can leave the entire region of butt the shows, and can leave even the visual too vulgar. As well as the midriffs must also be avoided, only moderate necklines are allowed, by the way, this tip goes for all biotypes. A neckline when well used let visual very sexy female, but when deep or exaggerated too much may fall into the vulgar.

The clothes glued into the body, such as dresses, blouses and footwear will only leave the curves and feared even more evident, unwanted pounds so preferably for parts with more tissues or structured in this way to win a comfortable and elegant. The very short dresses also should be avoided, because the more fatty you are, the tendency when you walk is to make the play come up. Therefore, prefer dresses with average lengths and wovens.