Fashion Tips for Thin Legs

Have any questions about how to combine parts or choose what is best for your body type? We answer in the section Office Fashion. But beware: the more information you send, the more precise the suggestion. Body type, age, place and time of the event help enough. The consultants are to your wait!


Hi, Jessica! All right? First, we will tell you one thing: stop the foolishness, assume their skinny legs, which are not a problem. You’re beautiful the way you are! But, if you insist on disguise them, we will give you some basic into. First, use bulky clothes in the bottom of the body, leaving all ruffles, Ruffles, pleats for pants, skirts, shorts. Light colors, the prints and details and effects which result in larger proportions, as zippers, pockets and horizontal slots, are also welcome for the lower body. Invest in cut shot and evasê, which opens in the line toward the bar, to salts and dresses, with length near the knee. More free cuts pants, jogging, model dress well thin legs, as well as estonados or faded jeans. Fabrics with textures, such as tweed, Pike, jacquard, are excellent choice. Another partnership of the best shoes with strips involving both ankles, that expand the proportion of legs. Good combinations.