Fashion Tips for Winter Season

How to face the winter while keeping a modicum of dignity dress? We found five tips to stay stylish without freezing them.

When the mercury drops, night falls at 4: 00 and the icy wind interferes in our meshes, women are traditionally divided into two categories of people.

There are those who would not consider venturing outside without a sweater collar rolled often informed, a pair of tights under jeans or a Canada Goosepadded.

In short, those who sacrifice their style without fear or reproach even resemble a vague ersatz of Michelin bibendum half the year.

Then there are the others, those who against all, continue to wear elegant dresses, chic and thin overcoat, silk blouses shimmering without experiencing any frosts, as if they were devoid of any sensory ability. Only now, these priori ultra resistant girls some tips to protect themselves from the cold, neither seen, nor known.

  • The body

Under its air of Damart, actually hides an invisible part that allows us to face a winter day in blouse or lace dress without even blinking. The body, without doubt the secret best kept stylish girls.

  • The felt Hat

Rather than covering the skull of an unflattering hat, we like a stylish felt Hat covering us from the weather while enhancing our outfits. Take a look around the parade: all the girls wear one as a hat. Coincidence? I don’t think.

  • Fleece lined tights

Between bit hermetic sail tights and unflattering in wool tights, there is a being. Unearthed on Topshop, tights lined fleece are little miracles of fashion. Opaque and ultra smooth, they galbent our legs keeping us warmer than a ski pants. A happiness.

  • The down jacket (very) fine

, It fits perfectly with the trend this non-impermeable coat boyfriend in which rush all the gusts of icy wind. But the Mode won’t us certainly if we hold below, seen or known, a small light jacket counter of the cotton as light as hot.

  • The false collar-roll

A big Turtleneck knit twisted, it’s cozy, it’s cozy but outside our sofa, it is not always easy to wear. To take advantage of the protective benefits of his collar, we adopt a rigid snood which will have more holding than an Irish sweater or a thick scarf double knotted.