Fashion Trends for This Autumn and Winter

Retro celebrates his comeback several years and so it will be this autumn and winter. We advise you, in what colors shine this year, which patterns are cut in and what’s hot at the moment. Return to the 60s, but the 90s is here, so it adapts to your wardrobe and fight against the chilly winter fashion trends!

In this year’s autumn and winter collections play a prim warm colors. Therefore, any bet on the shades of red, the error can not even do with an orange, burgundy and fuchsia. Besides shades of pink, reach well over mustard yellow and look for inspiration in the classic colors of autumn leaves. Very fragile and feminine pastel shades work well, which is also not in our autumn wardrobe missing. Choose must dusky pink or sky blue.

Stylish blue-black combination

Those women whose favorite color is now blue, we also recommend a combination of dark blue and black, since it is this color combination is a hit this winter. Nor will miss the traditional and conservative, black and white combination and the return of the ’90s are celebrating gray. In it, purchase a costume, for example, the work of men’s style, which is currently very in, but will also throw a sports outfit.

On minimalism forget this winter

In spring and summer, then the autumn and winter collections were also given flowers. Fashion is particularly the larger ones, ideally in muted colors, and feel free to wear it on his pants and coats. Traditionally they remain also popular dice, but for them this autumn and winter valid password, the bigger the better. You can also bet on a variety of prints, calmly even the craziest and very abstract. The most conservative of us can then choose Indian or African themes.

Apart from the men’s cuts go wrong even with oversize cuts or sports outfit a la 90s, which will feature distinctive lettering or numerals. 60s fashion then we record the highlighted áčkových waist and skirts. And when it comes to materials, in this year’s autumn and winter collections may be missing a large knitted sweaters and capes. Will we also lace, even for casual wear. Take advantage of the latest fashion trends and be beautiful and stylish!

And what did our readers?

What colors you choose for this autumn and winter? What do you think of the return of sporting style of the 90s? Do what you go shopping for clothes in the spirit of these trends?

The opinion of the author

Of this year’s autumn and winter collection I’m very pleased. I look forward to a combination of dark blue and black, which I really like because I find it interesting, but also very becoming. I also like the gray suits of men’s style, but unfortunately does not suit me, so you’d rather feminine cuts such as skirt áčková. I have joy from lace, which also has a very feminine and gentle. Anna Zavadilová