Fashion World Onesie Woman Understands

They are graceful and trendy, but sometimes have some small problems. Ever tried to go to the bathroom? Here are all the drawbacks that knows well who wore them at least once.

  1. It is not clear if you follow the fashion or the kids to fashion trends.

The answer, in most cases, is both.

  1. I hope you do not have to pee all day.

If you wear one of those suits, it is very likely that you are dehydrated because, otherwise, not be able to handle the bathroom having it wear. Or you are lazy…

  1. Learn how to pee without undress completely.

Usually, the most convenient way is to lower the suit only one hand, but risks to make you pee on him. But this is another problem.

  1. When the extensions, you find yourself naked on the toilet.

And look at the suit that rubs all over the floor. Sin. Really.

  1. If you’re in the bathroom too, some might think that you’re not just doing pee.

No one would ever think that you have a problem with your swimsuit. Even if you swear! And then, come on, sometimes they are both.

  1. If a guy tries to take off your shirt ends up lift you up shorts.

And the boys are confused in general. Imagine when you wear a onesie (check! They not really understand how it works and, at some level, they are also scared.

  1. You might think that abbassandoti show your ass with a few filters.

He will do it. So completely different from a skirt, but it will do.

  1. The rompers are caught between the legs.

It might also be a more annoying than that to which you submit the shorts. Because, at least in that case, you can groped to lower them without leaving bare the upper part of the body. In the end it’s like a security blanket.

  1. When it gets too hot you can not wear the suit with pantyhose.

So you feel that you have the rear full frontal nudity.

  1. If you do not have to scream the buttocks, the suit will not give honor to your silhouette.

It is not a garment to restraining effect. That’s for sure.

  1. The sizes do not always fit at all heights.

If you are too high or the trunk too long, you’re screwed!

  1. If you have the lower and upper part of the body other, there is no hope with playsuits.

If you do not have the two sides of the body perfectly proportioned, the suit will pull on the trunk or the height of the horse. And you’ll find yourself in the dressing room to cry. The overalls are cruel.

  1. You never know if they are elegant or casual.

Some women wear them with high heels and pearls, others are there to the music festival in the meadow.