Feather Coat or Jacket

We acknowledge that we have a weakness for coats, but once the temperatures begin to drop below zero, we cease their thin solid enough. In stores you can find lots Fortunately, stylish jackets and feather coats, which warm and Neuber on style. We chose for you the best!

As long as the temperature remains above freezing, make do with a favorite wool coat. As soon as it is cooled, it is appropriate to pull really warm jacket. Beware, if you do not commit a fashion faux pas, avoid sporty, functional or even ski jackets. Although they are in the streets to see the city simply does not belong! And no, leather handbag or boots this combination does not improve (quite the contrary). If you’re squeamish winter, we recommend investing in longer down production (but really down production) coat that will keep you warm all day. While the most flattering pieces that have a waist belt. That fact brings out the silhouette and you will not feel like your jacket Eskimo. You spent the entire autumn casual Parc? You can get insulated jacket on a similar process. Worry, you do not paint. What should be red or yellow? Finally, recall that similar jackets are more than Casuals wool coats. Think of it even in the choice of clothing and accessories. Boots on a thin heel will be the right one. To the contrary, the jacket can be put on equal boots or ankle boots (if heels are lower and wider) or ankle urban sneakers lined with fur. Pick up the handbag style messenger cross body (handbag cross) or the recently popular bag.