Female Nerd Style

The nerd style, or also called Geek, has done quite successfully in the world, being used mainly by younger gang, and one of the predominant styles among Europeans, especially in London. But none of that outdated stereotype of geek underdressed “, that only think about studying and don’t care about fashion. Quite the contrary! The geek style is super cool, and is present in several international shows, and strong bet among the fashionistas on duty.

Female Nerd Style

Generally, nerd style fans are people, in addition to many intelligent and connected on all kinds of technology, love fashion and are always much more in tune with the trends.

Fans of parts with face retro and futuristic at the same time, the nerds always include in your productions some clothes or accessory that recall the past decades (in General, 50 years) that can be purchased in thrift stores, along with something to remember the future.

With the boom of internet and social networks, the nerd or geek style turned out to be widespread around the world, being in high on oda and becoming one of the main trends. Today, it’s super cool to follow him, different from decades ago.

To mount a real visual nerd female, young women should be aware of some pieces that are essential in any look nerdy, basically: sainhas with pleats, blazers, cardigans, overlays, high waist, flowery shirts and of course a nice pair of glasses with frame vintage, pretty heavy and black in color. To leave the production even more advanced, it’s worth betting on some heels powerful and long strap bag and used criss-crossed in the body.

Always tidy, the female geek style is also marked by other basic parts, how high school skirt, or shirt sleeve, vests, oxford shoes, tennis and 7/8 stockings suspenders. Now just be inspired and go around the best nerd style.