Find Lost and Stolen Effects with Tiles

A new concept to make it easier to find things that are forgotten, lost or stolen-Tiles can find your stolen bike.

A new concept for smartphones is under construction. The concept is called Tiles, and via a cloud-based network of users, lost and stolen property be reconciled with their owners.

The concept is that users are buying small tiles, as they put the firm on the things they would rather not lose, as, for example, a bicycle, a laptop, keys or a bag.

If the effect disappears, you can via an app for mobile, recover your stuff via a kind of “radar” or proximity sensor.

Is than lost or stolen subject matter not within reach, users can select the effect as “Lost” and then will all users of concept help to find your effects.

If another user get past your stolen bike, picks up their smartphone signal from your Tile, and then sends a message and map to the owner, who can then reunites with his bike.

The concept comes first, however, really to work, when sufficiently many users have signed up, and actually have the application activated.

Tiles are expected on the market in the winter of 2013/2014.

Read more about the concept at our site and view a video presentation here.