Fine to Leak the iPhone: 300 Million Us $.

Leak of future Apple devices, can be extremely expensive for Apple’s subcontractors.

Company wasting away for GT Advanced Technologies, Apple supplier of Sapphire Crystal for iPhones and the upcoming Apple Watch. The company sought bankruptcy protection last week and is planning to close the factory on 31 May. December and lay off 890 employees.

The bankrupt company scrutinized now and it is reported by the Financial Times that Apple imposes strict confidentiality clauses to the subcontractor.

In GT Advanced Technologies contract with Apple, it appears that the company agrees to pay 50 million USD, or roughly 300 million kroner, for breach of confidentiality obligations. ‘

Apple patches holes

Clause is the last step in Apple’s attempts to prevent leaks from subcontractors. Earlier this year it emerged that Apple hired a corps of 200 security personnel, in order to stem the sale of accessories, protyper or floor plans for tech-media.

GT Advanced Technologies ‘ economic fate has not yet been decided, but it is reported that Apple turns to two alternative suppliers, in order to ensure Sapphire-components in the future. It writes our site.

Sapphire glass is included in front the optics on the camera in Apple’s iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, where it ensures the camera for scratching. The forthcoming Apple Watch will also get a front, drawn up in the expensive sapphire glass.