Fishing Line Bait


Sometimes we have to multiply the attacks to reach remote sites. Reed and the movement of released are the only parameters that optimize. All the elements of the Assembly must also be perfectly adjusted. Discover our tips for aerodynamic mount that will allow you to fish in far away places.

The head of line

To transmit the energy with the lowest possible elasticity and to avoid the risk of breakage during launch, the ideal is to use a braided line head (diameter 25/100 – 30/100).

If the head of line with braid, it is obligatory to use a finger protector to avoid cuts. If you don’t have a finger guard, we recommend that you envuelvas the index finger with tape or tape.


Some mounts are more effective than others for long released. Helicopter Assembly is the best known of them. The lead has that be mandatory front, since this will allow drag the Assembly and improve the aerodynamics.

You recommend that use a lead profiling and with form ogival, as will stabilize the Assembly during the released.

As the attacks are held, it is mandatory to use a crush to prevent that the bass line to become wound around the body line. The smaller bass-line, the lower the risk of that from tangling. The length ideal is of 15 cm.

To reduce the risk of entanglement and increase aerodynamics, fixed the tensioning line low on the crush with the help of a soluble thread. Soluble thread will release the Assembly as soon as it is in the water.

The bait

It is ideal to reduce the pressure of the air on the bait. We recommend using small 14 mm boilies, since their small size and round shape will decrease the air pressure. This boilie is the depositary of all your hopes, so take some time to choose it well and to optimize its ability to attract.


Discover here how to throw away and precise way


We hope that this Council will allow you to perform a few effective mounts to launch your baits as far as possible, so that thus you reach more of the fishing sites and who knows also to more fish…