Fishing Preparation

At the beginning of the season the waters tend to be cold and apathetic fish. Fisheries to the touch allows you to capture these little active fish. Discover in this Council the basis of fisheries to the touch to start the season with success.


The choice of shank will vary depending on the type of watercourse in which we obtained. The smaller watercourse, shorter should be the cane.

3.40 m and 3.60 m. rods can be used in small and medium-sized water courses, will be very versatile. In large rivers, 4 m long rods can be used, or more, that allow to reach more remote fishing jobs.

The reel

In the fishing to the touch, the reel only is a book of fishing line. It serves to store the line that we will use during combat. You will need to use small reels with very shallow coils. With these reels discrete and ultra-light, will increase the comfort during the session of fishing.

The line

The fishing touch mounting is divided into two parts: the body line and bass line. Body line is the reserve on line. To display the line well during drift. You can choose colors striking or natural, allowing you to better visualize the line according to the brightness.

The standard diameter of the line that will allow you to fish in most situations is 14/100-16/100. The bass line is the final part will be in contact with the bottom of the river and will be attached to the hook. To be more discreet, this part must have a diameter smaller than the 2 to 4 cm, and be made of transparent polyamide or fluorocarbon (invisible in water).


It leaded that are going to put in the low of line depends on of the current and of the depth of the course of water. A good plumb line will make make it stand out the bait through a realistic presentation and a natural drift.

In small and medium-sized rivers, the plumb-line must be about 30 cm above the hook. For starters, 4 leads No. 6 will go very well. Then, is up to you to adjust your distance depending on the environment in which you hunt and leads.

If the current is strong, about the weights, if it’s light, separate them.

The bait

Baits can be varied at the beginning of the season. The most versatile baits are earthworms, manure worms and moths. Also you can mix several baits in a same hook. It is up to you to prove that works best at any given time. See also: How to catch a fish

The hook

We must adapt the hook to the bait to get the best possible presentation.


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You suggest hooking the leads gently. If necessary, you can move them without damaging the body’s line, and should they be locked between two stones, have the possibility not to break them.


As regards them worms, there is that engage them by the head in sense longitudinal. Get out the tip of the hook underneath the swollen worm part. In what refers to moths, you can click them by the tail or head. Go carefully so that they are not empty, since they would not serve for fishing.

These are the bases of fishing to the touch, which we hope will make you enjoy trout fishing season.