Fitbit Ready with 3 New Fitness Trackers

It is popular to keep an eye on his daily exercise, and Fitbit are ready with 3 new options for this.

To keep track of how many steps you have walked, or how high you got his heart rate up during the run has become quite popular. One of the brands that most user when they have to keep an eye on their own fitness is Fitbit, and they send 3 new trackers on the streets before long.

The three new products called Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge. Where the Charge is for motionisterne who doesn’t need much more than their fitness, then Surge one step closer to a classic smartwatch.

Fitbit Charge and Charge MR provides both an overview of, among other things, today’s calorie consumption, one’s sleep and step. In addition, Charge MR also a heart rate monitor, so you can follow your heart rate during the day.

Both Charge and Charge MR can also show number or name when there will be called one if one has his phone with him. Fitbit Charge keeps power in about 7 days, while the Fitbir Charge MR holder omkinrg 5 days on a charge.

Fitbit Surge have been crammed more functionality into it, among other things, in the form of a GPS, so you can map out its running routes. In addition, there are of course all the features from the Fitbit Charge and Charge MR.

Surge also has an LCD screen, so you can control his music, get messages, and other directly on the wrist.

Fitbit Charge available from the 17. November at a price of 999.95 dollars in the colors black and slate.Blue and Burgundy comes to the colour palette soon.
Fitbit Charge MR comes at the beginning of next year at a price of 1199.95 dollars in black and blue and mandarin will also be possible soon.
Fitbit Surge will also come at the beginning of next year with a price of 1999.95 dollars in the same colors as the Charge MR.