Five Cheap Quality Watches

There are many wach makers that deliver good watches with mechanical works at a price where most can be with. It can be difficult to distinguish as a beginner the rings from the good brands, that is why I have created this guide with five best buys in the budget class. I want to highlight a single clock from each brand as an example, but the tags are only included on the list, if I think that their entire collection keeps the quality, so you can check the timer labels more closely and find exactly the watch that appeals to you. Of course, there is not a complete list, but just a small selection of the many manufacturers who make watches in the budget class. I have selected the five urmærker out from an idea that there should be something for everyone. Thus, there is both divers watch, pilot watches, dressure and a falling slightly outside the category. I have fixed price frame to between 5 and 15000.0-. Let’s get started!


Dress watch

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Some will argue that you are not dressed properly without the right clock. Here at, I am inclined to agree with you. Dress watches are timepieces to suit occasions, which as the name suggests is turned up in the rigid plaster. They go well with a suit and completes a classic look. I have chosen to highlight watches Baume et Mercier from Swiss in this category. I have chosen the model REF. Classima 10097, who with his black leather strap and the Roman numerals on the dial are so classic that it almost can be. The clock comes with automatically work with date functionality. The watch measures 42 mm in diameter and is made of steel with scratch free sapphire glass. The price is about 14000.0-. Classima REF. 10097 is a watch with the most necessary functions and nothing else. The price is quite reasonable for the beautiful finish and features. The relatively wide diameter brings the classic design up to date, so the clock can also be used to a more relaxed attire. Read more here.


Diving Agency

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In this category we find diving Agency. Diving watch is the most popular and widely used clock type. You will see infinitely many divers watch on your wrists on the Danish men, and there are approximately as many producers of divers watch, so the Committee is huge. Diving Watch has achieved its success due to its robustness and universality, you can wear a diver’s watch at the bottom of the sea and to the feast of the finery. That is precisely why diving Agency an excellent choice as the first watch. In this category, I have chosen to highlight the brand Helson. Helson is a relatively new brand on the market and has production in Hong Kong. They come with ETA or Miyota works, so the quality is quite good. I have chosen to focus on their model Shark Diver 45. Shark Diver series comes both in 40, 42 and 45 mm, so there is a little for everyone. They come in many different colors and materials. Especially their bronze watches I think is incredibly cool, they also get a really nice patina over time. You can also opt for titanium, which is nearly scratch-free. The watches are available, of course, also in steel for those who prefer it.

Helson watches cost from 3 to 6000.0-so you get a lot for the money, however, it must be note that they will be sent from a non-eu country, so similar package can run the risk of being caught at customs. If this happens you have to pay Danish customs and VAT, so it must be included in the calculations. Even with Danish customs and VAT, however, it is still an incredibly low price for the quality Helson delivers. Helsons selection can be viewed here.


No list without a chronograph. Chronographs are basically watches with built-in stopwatch function. They are often designed with inspiration from the racing world, a famous example of this is the Tag Heuers Monaco watch. It is not, however, Tag Heuer, I want to highlight today, I have instead opted for slider Oris, who is a reputable Swiss producer. They’re doing exclusively mechanical watches. They have many different clock types on the program, so there is something for everyone in their range. In addition, they are very reasonably priced. I have chosen to cast a glance at their Oris TT3 Chronograph that Motorsport as the name indicates is a chronograph with roots in motor sport. It can be seen as also evident when one casts a glance at the clock. The dial consists of black carbon, like it is used in the manufacture of racing cars. Oris has also concluded a sponsorship of BMW’s Formula One racing team ´, so this is the watch for the motor sports enthusiasts. The clock comes with a work of ETA, Sapphire Crystal and is waterproof to 100 metres. The work can beskues through glasbagkassen. The price is about 15000.0-read more here.

Pilot agency

Pilot watches are designed with high readability in mind. Their clean and simple slice attracts many fans of this type. In addition, they often have a wide diameter, which is very modern for the time being. In this category, I have chosen to look at German Stowa that deliver affordable watches with ETA-works. I want to highlight their Flieger model in this article. The watch is a classic pilot watch with all that it implies. I prefer the most simple model without logo and date, because the pure slice clothes agency best in my eyes. However, you should check their website out and find just the model you prefer. Stowa allows for many options to customize the clock to one’s specific tastes. You can choose from a myriad of different straps if you would date or not, whether you want Stowa logo and as something special you can have engraved rotor at my request. For example, you might choose a few engraved your name and birth date or similar, so that no one is in any doubt about whom the Agency belongs to. Indgraver no one can then be enjoyed through glasbagkassen. You can also get an engraving on the side of the watch case. The actual clock with standard strap costs 710 euros or about 5000.0-Danish kroner, there you can then select various straps for between 20 and 100 euros, depending on quality, as well as various ranging between 20 and 35 euros. So there is ample opportunity to get it exactly the way you want. The many opportunities to customize however, unfortunately a little long delivery times, so it must be considered. Read more here.

The crooked

This category is for the different clock that stands out from the crowd, and as you are sure not to encounter every day. I have selected Seven Friday to represent this category. Seven Friday is a new brand on the market, and they have achieved a great deal of press coverage due to their innovative and distinctive design. Design fetching inspiration in the industrial environment, and can probably best be described as raw with attention to the cheeky detail. I will let the pictures speak for themselves and instead simply mention that the clocks from Seven Friday can be acquired for 5500.0-. So far, there are nine different models in Seven Fridays collection, all of which takes as its starting point in the same square as a starting point, but as, in his own way stands out. The clocks run by works from Miyota. I have chosen to highlight Seven Friday P1 clockwise, but all their watches deserve to be seen. You can do this here.