Fornarina Shoes

Today I propose one of the collection of footwear and most beautiful youth in circulation, the collection spring / summer 2011 of Fornarina, the brand has always paid attention to the fashions of the time interpreted and adapted to the world of young people, but also uniquely suited to the more adult women but they do not want to give up a fresh and bold in their clothing. The collection of Fornarina shoes for the summer is lively, self-confident and embracing current trends, first of all the fancy flowered, so present in the clothing collections proposed for the hot season.

Among the more special shoe lines that we have already presented to you there is definitely that of Justinshoes, but also that of Killah is very interesting and even in this case, able to meet the needs and tastes a bit ‘all women.

The line of Fornarina footwear favors the model sandal, presented almost always with a nice heel, and proposed to solid models in neutral colors such as beige and ivory, or variations in color with floral motifs, really beautiful.
Many of the models heeled with the same imagination, but there are also the models dancers, colored or in the glam-rock version with studs and strap, for those who like to show off a more aggressive look, but always fashionable.

Fornarina continues to impress by coloring each of its models with the fantasies of the moment, making them capable of combining the clothing of spring collections that link everything right on the color.