Fortis Pilot Watches

To BASELWORLD 2016 I was already with the Swiss Tradtionsuhrenmarke Fortis in conversation, to replace me a little bit about their current and upcoming watches collection.

End of July I reached me then the aviation professional from Fortis (reference 704.21.11.), thus myself could give an impression of my first Fortis watch. I tell about my impressions and experiences visual impressions of this in today’s post.

Fortis-Swiss watch brand with tradition

But before I get closer on the aviation professional, I want to lose a few words to Fortis itself. The company is active since the founding in 1912 continuously on the market and wrote history as first watch factory in the world for automatic watches with the series production of the Harwood in 1926.

Over 70 years after the founding of the Swiss company, in the 80s, Fortis had not only built its reputation as a manufacturer of functional, reliable mechanical watches, but strengthened. Reason enough to enter 1994 perfect new land after extensive tests in the border area of physics with the Fortis official cosmonauts chronograph. Or call it time better to conquer outer space.

Which was recorded in the list of official equipment for space missions of the chronograph. Since then, the watch brand proves that even the newer models are up to the challenges in space. Not only within the protective space station, but also in the free space.

Conditionally with the aerospace a unique, new clock was created by the intensive cooperation late 90’s: the world’s first and only chronograph automatic mechanical alarm. The development of this movement helped the Swiss brand secured the recognition of competition and trade throughout the world.

Always high, as also the Mars does not stop one. So it is not surprising the Fortis as the official Outfitters of the Mars 500 mission, which launched in June 2010, was selected and accompanied the crew on the wrist. Another highlight was certainly the 100th anniversary of the brand. On this occasion the Spacematic-limited released 2012 Edition, with a circulation of 2012.

It is not hard to recognize that the image of the company clearly by the expertise of the space clocks is shaped. But also watches and divers watches with the series marine master and diver finding themselves in their portfolio and with the pilot professional – reference 704.21.11. we now look at one of the pilot’s watches from Fortis.

The pilot professional from Fortis (reference 704.21.11.) at a glance

I mean one to be able to recognize and that is ever more expensive, not only at the Fortis case, the watch the greater packaging. Not quite comprehensible for me since it has decided already for the watch and this must be presented not yet in addition great. But that would probably fall under a matter of taste. For me, it was rather the contents of the box as to the box itself.

The 2016er 704.21.11 flyer Professional by Fortis remains faithful to the traditional line of their predecessors and so you can see at a glance that the core elements, best readability and clarity, have been maintained. Anything else would be too surprising. Since it’s just in a pilot’s watch on clarity and easy reading. However, the company has made some changes, which especially in detail.

First unpack and put on the watch the black, partially knurled dial with raised numerals and indexes – noticeable immediately green to bright -. The twelve gives way to this, such as when pilot watches described on CENTRALLEDWATCH, a LED version, which is intended to facilitate the readability. As well, the black dial is deliberately chosen to provide in connection with the Green night-luminous numerals, indexes and hour and minute indicators at any time of day or after.

The hour and minute hands come in sword form, also green to bright. Only the second hand stands out in Orange. The Crown of flyer professional, is comparatively large in comparison with other watches from me. This is grounded in the history of the pilot’s Watch, because this easy to use should be even with gloves. Fortis has maintained this for the newly designed, very easy-grip Crown, the Fortis logo to find is at the same time.

For me, an absolute highlight is the three-part bi-colour case of pilots 704.21.11 Professional. This comes with a glass bottom, 2836-2 movement allowing a glimpse of the ETA. The dial is protected by a double anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal, which can withstand a pressure of 10 bar. With a diameter of 41mm, it is still in an area where you can wear the watch on not so powerful arms without it seems equally ridiculous.

Decided I chose a black leather strap with folding clasp. This is the safest choice in addition to a metal bracelet – which incidentally is there – probably if you would like to bring the clock in a variety of outfits. Alternatively, you have still the choice between ostrich leather, alligator leather and calf leather alligator-look. More or less for each taste something.

Too deep I can not enter 2836-2N due to lack of expertise in the technical details of the used movement ETA. I would like to mention its power reserve 38 hours however. This means that the clock after mounting, maximum 38 hours run until she must be raised again. For me in everyday life.