Freshwater Fishing Lines

This year, there are in the area of braided fishing lines with WFT to rediscover much. Today we take a look at two lines, which will immediately jump not only the fisherman in the eye. New ways of production constantly find their way into our products. So also 2016. stay tuned for some absolute high-performance strings. traditionally we are always very strong in WFT in this segment, but also applies to us, that we us never satisfied with a product, as long as one can improve it a little.

WFT 8 rocks KG / 8-carrier Super braid

The WFT 8 rocks KG a Japanese premium is a string, which is made from highest quality high modulus UHMPE threads. This 8-braided line impresses with its innovative weaving method and a special coating, which increases the life expectancy of 8 KG of rocks when compared with normal braided fishing lines up to 10 x. This sophisticated coating gives their undying durability of cord and is thus well suited for difficult conditions and expected hangers on the bottom. We wish you lots of fun on the water and thick fish you with WFT 8 rocks KG

Well suited for cloudy, how clear, greenish water. An absolute allround color.

8 kg of rocks an 8-braided line of top-class. Perfect for the modern spin fishing, but also for most other fishing methods. WFT guarantees the fishermen here all information on carrying capacity and diameter.

  • extremely abrasion resistant
  • completely round
  • no ingress of water
  • suitable for hindernissreiche waters, where it depends on strong material
  • very high distances
  • ideal for fishing for predators with lures (for example, jigging)
  • perfect bite transmission of spin fishing
  • Colors: Yellow, green
  • Diameter: 0, 12mm, 0, 14mm, 0. 18mm, 0. 30mm
  • Available in 150, 300 (0. 30mm) and 2000 meters
WFT 12 + 1 KG / 12 + 1 – carrier Center braid

Highest quality UHMPE filaments become United in this line thanks to a new fishing bait invented by for freshwater fishing. This 12 + 1-fold cord braided high tech. WFT prepares new standards in the field of technically possible here, because node – as well as abrasion resistance, some 50% higher, as strings braided at 8 x.
A special braiding in the manufacture is applied at the WFT 12 + 1 KG. Here, an inner fiber is added to a 12-filamentous structure to ensure a maximum breaking load and fill the hollow core, which is produced in the manufacture of 12 braided cords. Thus, no water ingresses the WFT 12 + 1 kg which would greatly affect fishing.The admittedly not entirely cheap heavy-duty cord will accompany also the hardcore angler over a long period of time.

  • very elastic
  • no cord noise when fishing
  • absolutely round
  • very resistant to abrasion
  • Colors: Yellow, green
  • Diameter: 0, 09mm
  • Available in 150 meters and large coil with 2000 meters
New colors and diameter in the already existing WFT string range

There’s also some increases in the already existing string this year program, such as, for example, new diameters for the GLISS KG. Some braided lines were extended color, diameter and length. So there are, for example, the popular first 8 finally in strong diameters for the really big fish revised. Of course the proven KG strong, with the world’s countless officially recognized record fish have been caught and the proven KG plasma, where now a plasma indicator on the market comes, which changes the string every meter remain in the program the Silent Eight KG will also keep you, as well as the WFT Round Dynamix. We are perfectly positioned in the area of braided cords with WFT, thus can offer always an cord customers, which suits him and his angling. Whether in the freshwater or saltwater!