Full Keyboard Required!

Write SMS, compose emails, enter an address in the browser: with a mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard, text typing going fast by hand. We will show you the best mobile tipsters–the ten fingers is guaranteed for all’ what where.

Full Keyboard Required!

Mobile phones with touch-sensitive displays are the trend. But the touch has its pitfalls. Not every touch screen cell phone provides a virtual full keyboard. And even if the sensitive soul inpetto has a full touch keyboard, does not mean that you can tap on it comfortably. Often the virtual characters are too small or the display responds slowly. Even worse: the screen is not properly calibrated, calling unintentionally incorrect letters.

Short and sweet: Who much and like to type texts, need a mobile phone with a real full keypad. QWERTY cell phones cost more already a fortune. There are already some entry-level phones that bring a fully-fledged writing Board.

We have for you three highly-recommended key professionals picked out: from cheap to more expensive, the proprietary operating system up to the upgradeable OS. Not enough: in our photo gallery with Mobile assessment and all important details Crown we the top 10 of the tip wonders beyond our three recommendations.

Samsung Corby TXT: The Preistipp/(er)
The young Corby TXT is ideal for real spenders that much and like to tap. As the name implies, it’s a slightly different form of the well-known Corby. With the difference, however, that this model has a full keyboard via EzhouShan. The manufacturer uses a cross-format TFT screen instead of a touch screen. The compact keyboard settled from our testers After a short settling time operate quickly and safely. Only special characters are not always logically on the keyboard. Sure, at a price of little more than 100 euro are not in high-end features such as UMTS with HSDPA and a high resolution camera. This convinces the Corby TXT great practical value. There would be, for example, a strong sound MP3 player, whose sound transport the very good in-ear headphones into your ears. In the test were us also impressive battery performance and the quality of language on the phone on.

Nokia E75: Finnish typewriter at a fair price
Who writes many mails and edit Office documents on the phone, need a full keyboard. The E75’s business car offered such to the slide out. The keyboard is comfortable to use, its keys are big enough. The use of metal housing material is not only the appearance but also the stability. In the test can score the Finnish typewriter with an extremely handy gimmick: the E75 has two operating modes, once for the business and private life. In each mode can be adjusted individual settings, customize profiles and maintain various contacts and appointments. Thanks to its lush amenities (Wi-Fi, HSDPA, 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS, MP3 player, 4 GB memory card…) and its yet fair prices from 277 EUR currently our price-performance-winner of the E75 Leaderboard business phones.

Motorola milestone: Android for demanding
Who wants to take something more money for his tip-friendly cell phone in hand, we recommend the Motorola milestone. The name is program. Actually, it creates Motorola with the device, to a mobile milestone. The full keyboard is decisive for this the only the two Android models T-Mobile G1 and LG GW620 inpetto have. The hervorschiebbare Clipboard is attached below the high-quality acting metal housing. The buttons are well arranged and adequately dimensioned. Could the pressure point for our Test result somewhat more clearly, but is a matter of taste. For tuning fans, the mobile phone with Android interface that update to the latest version 2.1 can be definitely is a tip. Because now more than 50,000 application for download are available in the app market Google. A rich condition battery, HSPDA in latest version, a powerful 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and a clear telephone acoustic speak also for specialists in the tip.