Galaxy S8 Exciting Galaxy Gear 3: Saturn Deal with Tariff

Tariff deal with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy gear 3

At Saturn, you get the Galaxy S8 with Galaxy gear 3 Smart watch currently for only 1 euro. However, a mobile plan of MobilCom-Debitel in the telecom network is it linked. Let’s do the math for you, whether the offer is worthwhile.

Galaxy S8 + Smartwatch: Pay the flat rate deal?

Here you can upgrade your mobile devices properly. About this real AllNet Telecom by MobilCom-Debitel buy. Get all information about the Galaxy gear S3 Smart watch in frontier Edition here.

The tariff offers a flat rate in all networks, in addition an SMS Flatrate and 2 GB high speed data volume with maximum surfing speed of 42.2 MB per second. However you surf only the 3 g (HSPA + or -) Telekom network and not in the meaner LTE network. For this, the provider requires around 35 euros per month and 40 euro port charge.

The price is attractive, if you can waive LTE: in sum beats the offer with 880,75 euros. That sounds like a lot of money, but only for the Galaxy S8 in the Price comparison on solid dealers currently around 630 euros due and the Galaxy gear S3 Smart watch is located in the Price comparison on the approx. 335 euro established dealers. The hardware is currently so expensive as the collective cost of the minimum term of 24 months. It is large, because to use the rate almost without additional costs and have a price advantage of 84,25 Euro. Our recommendation: Before the expiry of the notice period be sure to check the options and, if necessary, switch to a günstigerern contract.