Get New Features in Chromecast Before All Other [Tip]

By joining Chromecast program sneak peek receives your Chromecast software updates with new features and enhancements before anyone else.

Do you like to try new features and news of in smartphones and other consumer electronics? So is the new ‘Smugkig’ program from Google probably something for you if you also own a Chromecast.

With the new Google program makes it possible for users to say yes to receive software updates with new features, improvements and changes before all others.

Google writes on his website that there is no question of beta software, but software updates of the same quality as those normally emitted. You will receive them only a short time before everyone else.

The aim of the new update program is to gather feedback on the software updates. If you’ve enabled it, you will automatically receive an email every time your Chromecast will be updated to a new version in the background. Therefore, you can help Google feedback via this link.

Here’s how to enable program sneak peek

The new program is something that you actively need to opt for. It takes place in the official ‘ Google Cast’-app that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. Here you go into the ‘ devices ‘ tab, and then click the icon  in the upper-right corner next to the device name. Now select the ‘ device settings ‘ and scroll down to the button ‘ sneak peek ‘ Programme. You can now choose whether you want to receive emails when new software updates, and then it is just to sign up.

If you still can not find Program ‘ sneak peek ‘ into your Chromecasts settings, it is because the program is not available on your device. However, it may well be temporary, please try again at a later time. Sneak peek-the program is available on both the first and second Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, just as it also works in Denmark.

The new update program has been available in just under two weeks, and Google have already released the first update to Chromecast, which removed all references and logos for ‘Chrome’. The traditional Chrome logo has now been replaced with Google’s logo, which is probably to be seen as part of a major change in Google’s product names. Nexus-smartphone series gets, for example, also changed its name to Pixel.

Understand the status of your Chromecast

Your status for your Chromecast can switch between 4 different types depending on whether you are enrolled in the program or not and whether you are on the way in to-or fremelding. If you are in any doubt about what the current status of your Chromecast means you can view it below:

For (waiting for next firmware update from sneak peek) You are enrolled in the program and is ready to receive the next firmware from sneak peek
For (Firmware from sneak peak: #) Sent firmware from Smugkigtil your Chromecast device.
FROM (waiting for next public firmware update) You have chosen to leave the program and are waiting for the next production firmware will be posted (this can take a week or two)
FROM You are not a part of the program sneak peek