Get the Look: Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Impossible after more than one year does not make a post talking about the looks of the Kendall and Kylie Jenner, isn’t it? Because let’s say so they changed and for the better! Those who follow the saga of the Kardashians family knows that they love a scandal and we love knowing about them, too, haha …

But let’s cut to the Chase … If you ever wanted to steal the looks of Kendall or Kylie, now is the time!

Kendall Style

Kendall has a modern minimalist style, she likes to be simple but at the same time not be simple, you know? She’s always going to want to draw attention to some part of her glass, which let’s face it is wonderful and has to show meeeesmo, but without being vulgar. Her favorite parts are the destroyed jeand, Bootie, leather, soltinhas and cropped shirts, skirts with slits and mini dresses. Rob now!

Now when Kendall if Pack pro red carpet, segura because she’s a gorgeous woman and you can’t fall in love by her choices. She likes to cherish the feathers, neck and belly up because she can right people? And is that sexy without being vulgar which I love.

Kylie Style

Kylie is in my opinion the Kim look-alike but with another name, because as they are similar to face, body and style huh? She came sneaking out and now it’s all over. Her style is very cool and carefree, she likes to be the will and when it wants to perfect the look, not afraid to dare show your curves. Your favorite pieces are destroyed jeans, cropped, stripes, leather boots, hat. What I like about her is that she’s always innovating your hair, never is a long time with the same court or the same color and that makes all the difference in my opinion. Rob now!

Kylie calls attention on the red carpet but we cannot forget that Kendall has devastated in recent appearances and shown that it is one of the top fashion blogs (follow, she has presence and once again, not afraid to dare.

Here’s the best news of the day to you!!! Today it is possible Yes Rob literally the pieces of clothing of the sisters Jenner, OMG! The two have created an e-commerce, where will sell pieces of their favorite looks. The site here, works like this: every week, they will select two of their latest looks to sell by surprise on the site.Important to know that these pieces are not available anywhere else and go online to buy for a limited time. That is, if you loved run because you won’t get another chance.

Loved the news? Well if the Kardashians are a money-making machine, now along with the Jenner has no one who holds huh? Maaas we love it all.