Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

The children’s day is knocking on the door and a lot of people start getting desperate! Replace the present by souvenir might be a good way to save, the happiness of the child with a gift.Save depends on the choice of a gift, but also a rigorous research. Commemorative dates, changes in a store and another may reach percentages absurd! Haggle! The prices are varied, but the maximum limit that we consider is 30.00 R$. Anything posted here is more than this value.

The article “what present to give to the child?” gives valuable tips that can also help you find ways of how to buy souvenir as a gift for any child via behealthybyTomorrow. Child is much easier to please than it looks! The series “special children’s day” …

Tips on Party Favors for Children’s Day:

1-Ball. What child doesn’t like ball? There are balls for all ages and tastes (kids, babies, teenagers). The ball stimulates the movement! No stand by! Find a ball that is the child you will present. There are children who like colored balls, other specific sports balls (with football, volleyball, etc.). Can be found in toy stores and supermarkets.

2-DVD. You find with super prices into account. From 5.99 to R$ 30.00 R$, documents. Suggestions: “Ben 10”, “Finding Nemo”, “ice age,” “Garfield,” “Hannah Montana,” “High School Music”, “Robots”, “DVD Xuxa-Just for Shorties”, “Harry Potter”, “Cocorico”, “Ratatouille”, “Shrek”, “a bug’s life”, “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

3-Biters (Children up to 1.5 years). Has several super cute and very cheap! You can find it at supermarkets, toy stores, shops of babies.

4-Puzzles (Children from 4 years old). There are several puzzles with different degrees of difficulty. See the age on the bottle because there are some more easy to assemble (for younger children) and others for older children. There are puzzles of superheroes, cartoon characters, among others. With prices between 10.00 and 25.00 R$ R$. You can find it at supermarkets, toy stores.

5-Cup Fun. The Valley children’s favorite character mug. Sponge Bob, Batman, Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, Pooh, among others. Don’t think that your teen is out! They tie in funny mugs, unique and different! There are mugs that comes inside of beautiful tins! Found in supermarkets, imported food stores and gift shops. For those who live in São Paulo, on March 25, r. has a store that sells a lot of super original mugs, cheap and beautiful!

6-Stands. You can find various types of strollers super beautiful! No need to buy the most expensive! The Hot Wheels is the sensation of the moment! Costs about R$ 5.00 each cart. You can put together a “package” with five cars. There are other models and other brands, like Stork, trucks … Prices varied, but that if you just search R$ 20.00. You just need to search! Cute stands for girls has also (as Polly). Who said stand is only thing for a boy?