Glass Fiber Wallpaper Questions and Answers

Glass cloth wallpaper or fleece wallpaper paste – Questions and Answers. In recent years there have been many questions raised about the processing and finishing of glass cloth wallpaper or fleece wallpaper. The answers may differ from the procedure for professional decorator or painter. The purpose was mainly to get answers and advice as much as possible to the question/problem of the questioner. Below is a selection of questions and answers about -verkorte- processing glass fabric wallpapers, nonwoven wallpaper, the core of the issue / problem is underlined in each case.

Glass fiber wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper – Advice, questions and answers

Glass cloth wallpaper are popular! Not surprisingly, since it is fairly easy to handle, do not crack-bridging, strong and safe, for: fire retardant. The compensation for a treat glass cloth wallpaper or fleece wallpaper can call the necessary questions, read in the brief sample of the questions and answers below. For the finishing of glass cloth wallpaper and other tips and advice with wallpapering and painting have special wallpapering can and wall paints or latex can still be useful.

There’s grain structure of the walls. Can I use glass tissue sections here?

No, it is a glass cloth wallpaper crack bridging, but serious irregularities, you must equalize/polishing before wallpapering. The grain or structure is always different from the wallpaper to go mark. Click this article for more.

I can just about wallpaper fiberglass wallpaper paste?

This is not wise. Wallpapering you can almost always do better on a bare, smooth, dust-free surface. Additionally, fibe