Google+ Accept Custom Genres

The Google will offer options endless when Google+ users arrive in time to fill your gender profile of social network. In addition to “Female” “Male” and “Other”, you can choose “Custom” and write what best describes the user.

The news was announced by software engineer Rachel Bennet profile on Google+ .According to her, the decision, which will become operational in the coming days, is a source of pride for the company, which is moving towards the strengthening of diversity in the network.

Google’s action is part of an offensive to broaden the inclusion of minorities on the Internet. In addition to the joint proposal of two engineers, one of Google and an Apple, you want to include different ethnic groups in emoji, the Facebook has recently taken similar initiative. To respond to the dissatisfaction of the LGBT community, the network of Mark Zuckerberg joined other organizations and released a list of gender options according to the most common terms.

Questions that go unnoticed and are considered irrelevant by many, are extremely important to Internet users who suffer from social exclusion when they do not identify with the options available in social networks. Fortunately, we can announce the initiatives that follow the progress of civil rights taking place outside of the internet.