Google Advertises for Android-Perhaps with the Nexus 6

Only 2 days before Apple will show new things, so Google has posted some advertising for Android on the course.

The timing is not accidental, it would certainly be strange. Google has just published some new advertising for Android, and it’s only 2 days before its rival Apple has invited the press in to new revelations.

The theme of the three commercials is very simple. The advertisements would like to tell, that all can be together, but one does not have to be the same. An allusion to the Android, all of which can run the same apps, but Android does not need to be the same on all phones. There is room for individuality.

A little humor and a little nostalgia is the spices to the advertising, but there is someone who still has a little more interesting than the other.

In the first of the three commercials, which you can see below, will be there as a very great phone pulled forward. With Nexus 6, is rumored to have a screen size of entire 5.9 “, so it can easily be a hint with a trolley pole from Google.