Google Android Mascot

A high price for a small plastic figure, but she looks at you sometimes, is not it cute? I could not resist anyway, and now she stands there and radiates me cheerful. The Google Android figure in classic green.

Ask now please do not why and what you ordered to such a figure. Whether or not they will buy, which can and should, as always, everyone has to decide for himself. To me they enjoy. It’s fun to look at her. And somehow they plugged on with her ​​friendly smile. It’s just a feel-good mascot and a great watchdogs for my new Nexus 6P.

The collective character of the Google Android mascot, a licensed Google Fan product made ​​of plastic, has movable arms and a rotatable head. With dimensions of 7cm x 8cm x 4cm good and I think quite practical size. 40 grams weighs the figure standing jolt-free on its two legs. All in all, a really well-made solid figure who not only like to look at, but also like immmer picks it up again.

Google Android Mascot

The suggests the small Android character who comes from a series of collectible figurines, with almost 20, -EUR to Beech (Stand 05/2016). Porto is here, however, already included. I ordered on Amazon in getDigital dealer shop that come to the figure to me convenient and fastest variant. Was delivered securely packaged. Within three days

The small figure is great, makes as mentioned pleasure and I do not regret the purchase.Whether I will now gather more Android-figures, I doubt it. But this cheerful, classic green Android characters I imagine out happy. But if I’s consider myself really… as a gold version or a wooden version of the Android mascot might even like me already.