Google Cardboard Available in More Countries in Google Store, But Not Yet in Spain

If you were thinking to get your virtual reality kit low-cost, now have more options to get one of them directly from the official store of Google. Although these virtual reality glasses were already available since February of this year, so far they could be purchased only from United States.

The list of countries now runs including four countries more: Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. In Spain we are left then with the desire at the moment, but at least we can aunque a el menos podemos nos hacer us make a idea of how are prices once converted to euros.

Google Cardboard glasses are sold in the store German and French by 20 euros, 15 pounds and 20 Canadian dollars. However, you can get with two glasses priced reduced from 30 euros, 25 pounds and 35 Canadian dollars respectively.

If you are not in any of those countries, it will always be you wait, buy a different version on any of these pages or, who knows, maybe you find a inside the cereal box.