Google Daydream View: Virtual Reality in a New Way

Google’s new mobile called Pixels, and with this follows a big bet on Virtual Reality in the form of a new VR headset. Here is Google Daydream View.

With the code name “MadeByGoogle” was today’s event from Google kicked off. The really big news pertained to their new mobile Pixel that makes up with past Nexus-mobiles, and this certainly heard a piece of accessories with-for the new VR Headset Daydream View.

Daydream View is Google’s new big investment in the virtual world, and with this new headset, which initially only supports the new Pixel-mobile, there are a number of key points, as they have chosen to focus on.

The headset itself

To the event, they especially a large focus on Amelie build quality and comfort. Google has, in close cooperation with, inter alia, tøjfabrikanter tried to create a product that both have a stylish look and at the same time also feels comfortable to wear, even if you are wearing glasses.

In addition, Google stressed in the presentation where it is easy and intuitive to use Daydream View. The headset and your phone connector directly, since you place your device on the front, and in the same start your VR experience.


The actual governance of Daydream takes place via the supplied remote control, which, in addition to managing the most basic things, at the same time acts as an active motion-controller for URf.eks. games and general navigation around in the virtual universe.

The controller reminds so much of the way to URf.eks. also manages a Wii on, and it is especially expressed in the game universe. To the event they told, among other things. about a game called Fantastic Beats, where you control a troll man’s magic wand just through this motion-controller.

Google admits that the chance that the controller will be away is great, and that’s why they created Daydream in such a way that it fits right into the front pocket so that it is ready for the next time, you must start the virtual reality.

Opportunities with Daydream View

With Google’s new headset is the range of possibilities of virtual expression incredibly long, and covers everything from classic video streaming to wild discovery of the Faroese landscape on the back of a sheep, also known as “sheep view”.

Within Google’s own platforms are especially Youtube is an obvious opportunity for entertainment through VR-Headsetet, and with Daydream gets you access to the full video library, where especially the blossoming of 360-degree video will be interesting to explore.

Google also put emphasis on the use of Google Street View on Daydream where you via the included controller can move through exciting locations in places like the Taj Mahal in India or Egypt Pyramids.Further, you can access your full photo library on the headset and relive your memories through pictures and videos.

In addition to Google’s own services so supports Daydream View also platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, HBO, and thus, you can access a myriad of series and movies on your own virtual home theater.

Last but not least rates Google on making Daydream for a new kind of game console, where you are using the supplied remote control and the 360-degree video format can experience the game universe in a whole new way. The games that come to Daydream View is, among other things. the aforementioned Fantastic Beasts, Need for Speed, Lego BrickHeadz, Gunjack 2 and many more.

You can get an insight into Google Daydream Views many options in the images as well as the short video below.

In the first place, it is only Google’s own new Pixel-mobiles, are supported, but there should in future get more phones that have “Daydream-ready”.

It should, at least in large countries such as United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, be possible to purchase from the month of november in the Google Store, and will land at a price of $ 79. The Danish price and availability is therefore not disclosed yet, but it is realistic enough to expect a price around the pus 700 crowns.