Google Fit Is Ready for the Masses

Fitness-app from Google, Google Fit, is ready to help Android users to keep the motivation up.

Health and health is the new craze for most mobile and tech-companies, especially Google. Therefore, Google has been working on a fitness deals, so you don’t have to leave Google’s universe to view on your own activity.

The name Google is Fit, and the app is now online in Google Play. The idea behind Google Fit is that you can keep track of all of its data in one place. So do not go into a app to see his heart rate, another app to view steps and a third to see calorie intake.

Data from other apps like Strava, Runkeeper and Runtastic synchronizes with Google Fit, so it will be easier to get an overview.

Not without teething problems

Right now, however, is not all joy and old for Google and Google Fit. In addition to that, of course, has an app on his smartphone or tablet, then there is also a web part, so that we can check its activity at work.

However, there is the small but that web part at the time of writing is not working. There is a very bare-bones home page, and a few icons, but there is no action, if you press them.

The integration of the aforementioned apps is also not quite in place yet. In the comments box for Google’s announcement on Google’s blog writes one of Google’s employees, to partner-apps is not ready yet, but they are coming soon.